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Diferencias WCAG 2.X - WCAG 3.0 (en inglés)

B. Differences from WCAG 2 (W3C First Public Working Draft 21 January 2021):

B.1 Outcomes

Outcomes are different from WCAG 2.X success criteria. Compared to success criteria, outcomes are written to be:

  • In plain language; 
  • More understandable by people who are not experts in technology;
  • More user-need oriented instead of technology oriented;
  • More granular, so there will be more of them; and
  • More flexible to allow more tests than the true/false statements of WCAG 2.X. 

The design of outcomes allows more varied needs of people with disabilities than could have been included in WCAG 2.X. 

Methods map approximately to WCAG 2.X Techniques documents.

B.2 Approximate mapping of WCAG 2 and WCAG 3 documentation

Success Criteria Outcomes
Techniques Methods
Understanding How-to

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